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Crunched is an easy to use, cloud accounting software designed to help small business owners save time and make smarter business decisions. Send invoices, manage your expenses, and work real-time with your accountant.

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Whether you are a new business owner or have an established organization, you will quickly see the benefits Crunched offers.

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Manage Multiple Companies
Easily switch between multiple companies and save time by having all of your records in one place.

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Clear Navigation
Find tasks and functions with ease based on common terminology and a logically designed navigation.

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Cash Flow
Gain insight into the movement of cash, seasonality trends, and cash high’s and low’s with a prominent cash flow summary of your business.

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Quick Tasks
Maneuver through the software at lightning speed with prominently placed quick links and jump directly to your most commonly accessed accounting tasks.

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Receivables Aging
Get paid faster by staying informed of who owes you money beyond their due dates with a prominently visible aging visual.

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Payables Aging
Manage cash requirements for vendor and overhead expenses with a prominently visible aging schedule.

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In-App Support Chat
Get immediate assistance with tasks by simply opening the in-app chat widget. You will be connected directly to a professional Crunched support specialists.

Crunched Dashboard Screen
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Manage Multiple Checkbooks
Quickly switch between operating, savings, payroll, or other business checkbooks to post or view transactions, view available balances, and see reconciliation status.

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Track 1099 Recipients
Save time preparing 1099’s at year end by tracking your disbursements to 1099 applicable vendors.

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Available Balance
Always know your true balance before printing checks and never overdraw your checkbook again.

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Checkbook Register
Scroll to view your checkbook register to view payment and deposit history, view distributions, and know the reconciled bank status.

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Cleared Transactions
Know which payments are outstanding and deposits in transit with an account reconciliation interface, reconciliation reports, and a clearly noted checkbook register.

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Print Checks
Save time and print checks directly from the software. Crunched utilizes Deluxe pre-printed, high security, mid check stock for ease of quality and security.

Crunched Checkbook Screen
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Accept Credit Cards
Offer your customers a simple, secure way to pay and accept credit cards with Crunched Processing. Customers can securely pay online, right from their emailed invoice.

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Send and Manage Quotes
Send a quote to your customer for services for their approval or denial. If approved, the quote will automatically create a pending invoice for future posting.

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Post Customer Payments and Make Bank Deposits
Receive customer deposits and apply them to open invoices. Then batch multiple payments into a single bank deposit and post to your checkbook.

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Edit, Email & Print Invoices
Edit posted invoices, email invoices directly to customers for secure online viewing and online payment, or print for mailing.

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Charge, Track & Report Sales Tax
Stay compliant and apply sales tax to invoices. Track liabilities and view sales tax reports for tax return preparation.

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Filter Invoices
Filter invoices by status, customer or both. Have the ability to see which customers still have open invoices and easily send email reminders.

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Branded Invoices
Show off your business and custom logo by uploading it to your invoices. Present professional invoices to your customers and add value by emailing them directly to their inbox.

Crunched Invoice Screen
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Print Batches of Expense Checks
Save time and print payables check runs directly from the software. Crunched utilizes Deluxe pre-printed, high security, mid check stock for ease of quality and security.

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Track 1099 Vendors
Save time preparing 1099’s at year end by tracking your disbursements to 1099 applicable vendors.

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View Aging and Cash Requirements
View the aging status of payables and know your cash requirements for a standard, current, 30-60-90 day aging.

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Queue Transactions
Never miss a due date by setting a queued days count to be printed. This will allow for payables due within a set number of days to be automatically included in early payables check runs.

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Split Distributions
Easily split expense distributions to various accounts for tracking divisions or departments.

Crunched Payables Screen
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Edit Business Profile & Accounting System Setup
The main hub for managing your accounting systems administrative tasks allows you to quickly edit business information, set up account assignments, manage user profiles, and subscription settings.

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Manage User Roles
As the business owner you can invite colleagues to collaborate directly with Crunched. Simply invite your bookkeeper, manager, and accountant for seamless access.

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Assignments and Closing Entries
Manage your accounting system setup and set receivable and payable function account assignments as well as year-end income statement and balance sheet closing entries.

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Set Memorized and Recurring Transactions
Save on data entry and meet important deadlines by memorizing your transactions and setting them to automatically recur. This can be done for bank items, invoices, payables, and more.

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Manage Your Subscription
Easily manage your Crunched subscription to quickly upgrade or downgrade your account to suit your bookkeeping requirements.

Crunched Manage Users Screen
Crunched Dashboard Screen


Features you will enjoy

Crunched provides you with all the features you need to be successful when it comes to managing your records. With these features, you are guaranteed to save time and make smarter business decisions.

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Simply track your cash flow, record receipts and disbursements, and print checks out of Crunched
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Send electronic quotes and invoices to your customers, track balances, and post payments
Learn more

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Record vendor payables, manage multiple due dates, pay vendors, and track your expenses
Learn more

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Stay organized and maintain databases of your contacts, customers, vendors, and sales items
Learn more

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Built on a full ledger system, simply record journal entries and post year end adjustments
Learn more

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Stay compliant by setting up profiles to charge and track local, state, and federal tax liabilities
Learn more

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Make smarter decisions by reviewing accurate financial and accountant style reports
Learn more

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Easily setup your books, manage multiple user roles and memorize and set recurring transactions
Learn more

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Sync your Crunched account with your merchant account and collect electronic payments
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