Our Mission

To build the world's easiest to use & access, most functional, and most secure accounting software platform while being a company that is fun to be associated with.

About Us

Small business is the engine of our economy and the anchor to society. Business owners provide the goods and services we have become accustom to throughout our lives. From plumbers and electricians, healthcare providers and wellness centers, to bakeries and breweries, small business is everywhere. Small business owners create jobs and build innovative technologies, all while trying to maintain a superior level of service for their customers.

Though there are many benefits to running your own business, owners are confined by a limited amount of time in the day. Finding the time to manage their business let alone account for their transactions and stay within regulatory boundaries becomes a tedious task all owners face.

At Crunched, we strive to provide small business owners with industry specific accounting and managerial resources essential to their success.

Guiding Principles

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Our primary goal is to provide the best possible solutions for our users. We do so by staying on the cutting edge of technology, understanding the specific business needs of our users, and constantly improving our products to meet their ever-changing needs.

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Managing the accounting functions of your business should be as simple as possible. Live support is critical to this goal. This is why all of our live support is based in the U.S. All of our support, live and online, is designed to ensure the best possible customer experience.

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Crunched is proudly based in New England. Our founders have families and roots here. We're not just another West Coast tech company built by coders. Our business was built by accountants. As a result we are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of our users.

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We foster a fun and enjoyable environment at Crunched by making work a more casual, creative, open, and collaborative place to be. And since we love what we do, we have fun doing it. The result is a team that is passionate about what they're creating everyday.



Chris Reims - Co-founder of Crunched

Chris Reims
CEO & Co-founder

Chris knows the power of numbers and how they can convince any business owner of the true financial status of their business. He also knows that bad data leads to bad decisions, and he's seen it all too often. He strives to deliver a simple software that will provide accurate, reliable, and smart insight. With nearly 10 years in the accounting industry, he’s seen the struggle small business owners face each and every day to manage their business records. He started Crunched to remove the headaches once and for all.

Chris completed his BS in accounting and finance and MBA in healthcare administration from Quinnipiac University.

He is an avid New England Patriots fan with a strong passion for craft beer.

Matt Reims - Co-founder of Crunched

Matt Reims
COO & Co-founder

Matt has a passion for making everyone happy and successful. It developed during his many years holding different positions in the hospitality industry. He held various management positions where he quickly developed the skills to lead his team while maintaining a fun and productive work environment. With passionate and ambitious employees, comes happy and successful customers. Matt provides our team with the proper tools and resources to assure that Crunched will always go above and beyond when serving our customers.

He completed his BS in business administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

Matt enjoys spending his free time playing golf, and boating around Long Island Sound with his girlfriend, Nicole and their dog, Ridley.

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