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Streamline operations while gaining valuable insight into your business.

Many established organizations have operational functions under control. The next objective is to determine how to increase revenue and decrease expenses, ultimately increasing profits and shareholder value. With Crunched you can determine profit streams, expense categories, and more.

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Insight into sales department productivity

Properly managing sales departments and rewarding those that exceed expectations requires proper tracking and reporting of production. With Crunched you can assigned customers to specific sales departments and quickly view production reports.

Sales departments drop down list with different names
Report date range with selectors for report start to report end

Insight into high producing customers

Just because a customer may only order a few times a year doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t produce a high percentage of revenue. With Crunched you can quickly run customer sales journals by period range to determine revenue sources.

Insight into vendor disbursement trends

With Crunched you can quickly view purchase journals to gain valuable insight into expenditures and cash requirements. Also review vendor agreements for pricing analysis to help increase profitability and pricing negotiations.

Crunched aging report with total amounts due within 30, 60, and 90 days
Crunched closing entry from one account to another account

Make period closing entries, accruals, and more

Crunched is a full double entry ledger accounting system. This allows for period journal entries to be recorded for events such as depreciations, accruals, and deferrals. Accountants enjoy direct access to Crunched throughout the year and at year-end to make those journal entries.

Review professional financial reports

With Crunched you can quickly run a balance sheet and income statement for management meetings or reviews. Simply view previous period variances and make smarter financial decisions regarding future operations.

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Helpful established organization resources

Here are a few help center articles and blogs that will help you get on the right track when it comes to setting up your new business.

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