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A Smart Accounting Software That Keeps Your Books Out Of The Weeds

Restaurants know first hand how quickly things can get out of control at peak times. Be sure your accounting software is ready to handle the rapid environment of the food and beverage industry.

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Record Daily Sales Journal Entries

Whether you use a cash register or a point of sale system, you can quickly record your daily sales into Crunched through a memorized journal entry detailing sales accounts, liabilities, and collection accounts.

Journal entry input screen with success status bar
Sample accounts payable aging schedule showing total payments due

Track Food And Beverage Purchases

Managing numerous vendor purchases can be a lot of work. With Crunched you can quickly enter your purchases into the payables system, preview an aging schedule to determine cash requirements, then pay within terms in time saving batches.

Manage Vendors And Outside Services

Keeping your restaurant up and running requires constant communication between numerous vendors. With Crunched you can recall vendor profiles, historical payments, and more.

Crunched vendor profile card with name and expense distribution account
Credit card graphic

Record And Track Credit Card Expenses

Many food and beverage companies utilize credit cards to purchase goods, services, and even utility payments. Simply record your credit card transactions with a journal entry and be sure you never miss recording another expense again.

Manage Sales Tax

Food and beverage businesses are often times required to charge sales tax. With Crunched you can quickly record your sales tax liability with your daily sales entry, view your liability report, and record the disbursement to the appropriate agency.

Crunched sales tax input window
Crunched fixed asset input window with purchase price and description

Organize Fixed Assets

Restaurants require equipment and capitalization of assets. To better stay organized for year-end processing, simply add your capitalized purchases to the fixed assets list to track purchase price and purchase date.


Who uses Crunched

Food and beverage companies of all varieties and sizes have successfully utilized Crunched to manage their books. Here are a few services that love Crunched.




Food Truck's

Coffee Shops



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