Looking to switch from your Excel spreadsheet?

Excel is a great solution but it might only help you manage your books for so long. See why business owners are ditching their spreadsheet and making the switch to Crunched.

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Get setup in minutes

Crunched helps you get setup with easy tutorials and import templates so you can hit the ground running. No need to spend time building your own spreadsheets and formulas anymore.

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Human error proof

With Excel, there is nothing stopping you from simply entering the wrong number. Crunched offers real time notifications and status bars to be sure your data is error proof.

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More professional

Excel doesn't provide your business with any customer facing forms. With Crunched, easily email or print branded documents and show your customers you mean business.

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Share and collaborate

Invite your team members, and accountant and set permissions based on your preferences. Easily work together and update your books real time.

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Automated financial reports

No need to build your templates, create the formulas and hope your reports work properly. Crunched provides you with custom financial, managerial, and accountants reports.

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Access from anywhere

Your Excel spreadsheets are only accessible from the computer they are stored on. With Crunched securily stored in the cloud, easily access your books anywhere, anytime.

What you'll need to make the switch?

Crunched makes it very easy to transition from your current Excel spreadsheets. Export out of Excel and easily import all of your data directly into Crunched with our list import templates. Start by downloading the import templates below and then simply move your data to align with the correct headers.

Learn how to import into Crunched

When to make the switch

The best time to make the switch is the moment you start feeling overwhelmed with your accounting. Managing your books shouldn't be a burden so if you are noticing any of these triggers, it might be time to start the transition.

Your business is simply outgrowing Excel
You are noticing a large amount of accounting errors
Your customers aren't satisfied with the documents they receive
You are spending too much time managing your books
You are playing catchup at the end of the year

We make the transition easy

Remember, even if you have gathered all of your data and followed all of the necessary steps, you still might run into a few speedbumps. Don't worry, you will always have access to our help center for tutorials and walkthroughs and remember our professional support staff is always here to help! If you would prefer to work with your accountant through the transition, send them a message below.

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