Our Story

Our mission

To build the world's easiest to use & access, most functional, and most secure accounting software platform while being a company that is fun to be associated with.

How Crunched started

Upon receiving a very overdue invoice, a note at the bottom read, "I'm very sorry for not billing this earlier. We had a quickbooks problem. Thanks", we knew the process could be much easier.

After providing small business owners with bookkeeping and accounting services for over 5 years, it was aparent that something needed to be done. Solutions were available, but could be better, and automation is the key.

It is clear small businesses are limited on resources and time. Current cloud accounting solutions need to be integrated with numerous front end managerial solutions. The answer is end-to-end, industry specific solutions.

Crunched, Inc. was then founded and ready to innovate with investments from its preliminary investors, CM Capital Partners and AndPlus Technical Capital Partners.

The Crunched team is now working to provide small business owners with industry specific accounting and managerial resources essential to their success.

Our values


Constantly work to improve our products to meet our users ever-changing needs


Constantly strive to provide the best possible customer service


Based in New England, positioned to understand the needs of our users.


Foster a fun work envioronment resulting in a passionate team that loves to create.

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