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Keep track of your contacts, customers and vendors.

An organized database structure containing your business's most valuable assets, your contacts, helps elevate your communication and productivity. Simplified data entry screens help speed up adding and editing list items, recalling profiles, and utilizing the data throughout Crunched.

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Organize your business contacts, add numerous methods of contact, and record notes. Quickly recall contact profiles throughout the system for billing, collecting, and making expense payments.

Cruched contact id card with multiple contact methods


Elevate your company's relationship with your customers with professional, efficient communication. Quickly recall customer profiles for billing and tracking sales departments, emailing invoices, and maintaining various contact methods.

Crunched vendor creation window with expense distribution account


Maintaining good relationships with your vendors is an important aspect of delivering a great product or service. With Crunched you can track payment terms, account allocations, sales departments, and more.

Sales Items

An up-to-date and accurate database of sales items makes processing invoices effortless. With the Crunched sales items interface, you can quickly make edits for price adjustments, discounting capabilities, and more.

Crunched sales item list with prices
Crunched fixed asset creation window

Fixed Assets

Tracking fixed assets real time, throughout the year, provides many benefits come tax time. Quickly provide a detailed list to your accountant, verify usage and track disposals, and never scramble to find asset purchase information again.

Transitioning into Crunched?

Crunched has designed numerous tools and resources to make transition of existing data seamless. With easy to import templates, whether you are switching from another accounting software, an excel spreadsheet, or a shoe box, you will be up and running in no time.

Export file graphic

Export lists

Export your current list items into an editable excel document.

Excel spreadsheet graphic

Download import templates

Download the import templates from the Crunched help center and align the appropriate data with the correct column headers.

Crunched import template being uploaded graphic

Upload import template

Save the import file, retrieve, and simply upload the document into Crunched.

Need help getting started?

Here are a few help center articles and blogs that will help you get organized when it comes to managing your customers, contacts, vendors and list items.

Importing customer id card graphic
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