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Manage your checkbook functions the smart, traditional way.

Record and track bank transactions to help make better financial decisions by seeing accurate cash balances, trends, and requirements.

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Crunched checkbook drop down with multiple checkbook options

Manage Multiple Accounts

Setup your operating, payroll, and investment accounts and simply manage them all in one location.

Crunched unprinted checks window with multiple checks selected to be printed

Post Checks

Speed up your disbursment process by posting or printing checks and quickly recalling vendor and supplier profiles.

Invoice with paid stamp

Record Deposits

Enter banking deposits to record sales revenue, capital contributions, or other types of deposits.

Debit card

Enter Electronic Transactions

Post debit card transactions, online payments, or electronic deposits into your checkbook register.

Features you will enjoy

When running your business, one of the most important aspects is cash management. With the banking features you will have access to all the necessary record keeping functions required to successfully record and reconcile.

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Print Checks

Print single or batch checks on high security, Deluxe preprinted check stock.

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Click to clear transactions and always know what is outstanding or in transit.

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Track 1099's

Mark vendor payments for 1099 tracking to speed up year end reporting.

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Available Balance

Enter checks to be printed and see the effect on your checkbook balance.

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Memorized Transactions

Quickly recall memorized transactions to save time on duplicate data entry.

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Banking Reports

Print and save checkbook reconciliations and registers for your records.

Looking to print checks out of Crunched?

Be sure to order the correct checks that line up with the Crunched templates. Our template currently fits with the Deluxe standard and high security checks. To order checks and envelopes, follow the link below.

Order checks and envelopes

Need help getting started?

Here are a few help center articles and blogs that will help you get on the right track when it comes to managing and reconciling your checkbook.

Two bank checks
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