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No more late fees! Easily track your expenses, manage vendors and payments.

Properly managing your business expenses is not only important to maintain positive terms with vendors, but also a necessity to maintaining required inventory levels. With Crunched, managing your payables has never been easier.

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View Cash Requirements

Quickly see cash requirements in 30, 60, and 90 day increments and make better decisions when it comes to managing your cash flow.

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Apply Payment Discounts

Paying for your purchases early often times has its benefits through discounted terms. With Crunched you can quickly record discounts for early payments as well as statement credits.

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Set Payment Queues

Never miss another payment by setting a queue to pay in advance so payments are received by their due date. Payments automatically make their way into the payables queue.

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Stress less knowing that Crunched has your payables organized and ready for disbursement. With a simplified user experience and time saving functionality, paying your expenses has never been easier.

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Vendor Management

Organize your vendors profile, tag contacts, and assign expense distribution accounts.

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Terms & Due Dates

Set payables terms and define due dates per expense.

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Applying Payments

Print payables by vendor and consolidate multiple payments for time saving processing.

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Aging Schedules

Preview your accounts payable aging schedule and quickly see when payments are due.

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Purchases Journals

Preview your defined period range purchase journals by vendor.

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Split Distributions

Allocate purchases across numerous expense accounts with split distribution capabilities.

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Here are a few help center articles and blogs that will help you get on the right track when it comes to managing and paying your expenses.

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