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Save time and make smarter financial decisions by switching to Crunched.

Looking to upgrade your current record keeping system or unhappy with your existing software? Crunched has delivered an easy to use accounting software that is enjoyed by small businesses across numerous industries.

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Simplified checkbook management

Small business owners typically see pages worth of bank transactions and need an effective accounting system to handle it. With Crunched you can easily post deposits, print checks, and record electronic transactions quickly, and efficiently.

Crunched unprinted checks window with multiple checks selected to be printed
Crunched invoice graphic with delivered stamp

Seamless invoicing and online collections

Small businesses need to maintain professional levels of communication with their clients. Upon providing professional services, conveniently delivering a professional invoice that allows for the client to securely pay online is sure to wow your clients (and increase your cash flow)!

Time saving accounts payable processing

Managing your accounts payable has never been easier. Simply enter your invoices, review your aging schedules, and process disbursements. You can even queue your payables to be included in check runs a defined number of days prior to printing.

Crunched queued payment needs your approval notification
Accounts receivable aging report with payments due within 30,60, and 90 days

Effectively manage cash flow

Managing cash flow is imperative for small businesses to cover overhead and payroll. With Crunched you will have a clear view into when expenses are due and when to expect payments from customers.

Collaboration & support

As small businesses grow, it is important to provide access to accountants, bookkeepers, and financial decision makers. With Crunched you have the ability to add multiple permission levels and provide important access when it’s needed most.

Crunched user list with user names and assigned roles


Compare Crunched to your current method of record keeping.

Learn more about the benefits of Crunched and see how it competes with other tradiitonal methods of bookkeeping.

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Other accounting software

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Helpful small business resources

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