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Manage Your Rental Income and Track Your Expenses

Real estate owners need a set of books that can track unit activity including collections, delinquencies, new tenants and more. With Crunched, property owners will be able to track financial activity throughout the year for a smooth year end.

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Manage multiple properties

Rental property professionals can manage one or many properties. For those that manage multiple properties, it is important to have an effectively designed set of books. With Crunched you can quickly create additional location accounts to assign income and expenses too.

Crunched multiple company dropdown for property management
Crunched payment received notification

Collect rents on-time

With more and more property owners accepting credit cards as a form of payment, utilize Crunched to offer an additional convenience to your tenants. Simply send electronic invoices and let tenants pay securely online.

Pay vendors & outside contractors

Need to track 1099s? Simply check vendors as recipients and run year end disbursement reports. Easily assign designations to various vendors and assign them to individual or multiple properties.

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Effectively manage cash flow

Manage receivables aging schedules and determine what is outstanding and when it can be expected to arrive. Quickly send off invoice reminders where tenants can view balances and payment history.

Manage multiple user roles

Utilize a property manager or an external bookkeeper? Quickly assign them to various user roles where they can collaborate within Crunched to post rental deposits, disburse expense payments, and print financial reports.

Crunched list of multiple users with different roles assigned


Who uses Crunched

Real estate professionals of all varieties and sizes have successfully utilized Crunched to manage their books. Here are a few services that love Crunched.

Property Managers

Vacation Rentals


Single Family

Investment Property



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