Zac Fromson, Co-founder

Lilo Social

"We've seen our collection rate improve drastically"

Zac Fromson, Co-founder

Business Name: Lilo Social
Industry: Digital Marketing
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Employee count: 1-10

Crunched winning tip: For recurring services, create a memorized and recurring transaction that automatically generates the customers invoice.

Lilo Social was co-founded by Zac Fromson and Bobby Palmieri in 2015. Lilo Social provides digital marketing services to a wide variety of brands and personalities including Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, Pez, and the Buffalo Sabres. Their services range from specialized social media advertisements to highly targeted, location based brand marketing.

With their first accounting method, Lilo found themselves falling behind with recordkeeping and always chasing down invoices to see who owed what and when. They knew they needed a different solution that could keep their financials organized, make recording their transactions easy, and print accurate financial reports.

When they found Crunched, they were hesitant to make the transition knowing they would have to move customer and vendor lists, transfer accounting data, and learn a new system. After speaking with the Crunched support team, they felt confident enough to make the switch. Once started, moving data was a breeze and learning the system was even easier.

Today they find their cash flow has improved, they are more organized when it comes to invoicing, and understanding the overall financial status of their business is clear. Lilo enjoys the checkbook management tool as well as the invoicing section of the software. They recommend Crunched for any business in the technology space that is looking to save time and succeed when it comes to managing their bookkeeping.